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Adbond Ultimate

Product description :

ADBOND ULTIMATE is a high quality MS polymer sealant with high adhesive strength.   Now, you can caulk, bond and seal – all with the same cartridge.  ADBOND ULTIMATE is an easy to use sealant and adhesive for 1001 applications.  It can be used for most interior and exterior applications wether it’s concrete, brick, block, metal or wood.  This powerful high-tack adhesive resists expansion and contraction due to weather, creating a durable air and moisture-tight seal.

ADBOND ULTIMATE is odor-free, solvent free and isocyanates free.  It is mildew resistant when cured.  It can be painted over with latex or oil-based paints.  It is easy to clean with only a damp cloth.

A high-strength, weatherproof adhesive specifically formulated for heavy-duty general construction, remodeling, maintenance and repair projects. VOC compliant. Instant Grab formulation holds projects in place instantly, reducing bracing requirements. It bonds to a wide variety of substrates and provides a heat and water-resistant bond. Meets ASTM Specification C 557. It is low odor and cleans up easily with soap and water. Interior/exterior use.


Suggested uses:

  • Sealing and bonding in the building and construction industry
  • Sealing and bonding mirrors
  • Sanitary and Kitchen areas – mildew resistant
  • Sealaing and bonding of natural stones
  • Bond electrical box or panel to wall
  • Bond or caulk ceramic tiles above tub
  • Bond and seal mouldings to wall
  • Bond concrete decorative stones
  • Bond foam board insultation panels to wwod studs, metal studs or mansonry walls


  • Excellent appicability and toolability
  • Excellent adhesion strength
  • Permanent elasticity after cure
  • Paintable with latex or oil-based paints immediately after the application
  • No toxic vapours
  • One product and 1001 applications
  • Can be applied on wet surfaces
  • Can be applied as low as -5’C
  • Will not stain any surfaces
  • Can be used to bond mirrors
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Can be tooled


  • None
Adbond Ultimate
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