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About Adbond

Adfast is a company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and distribution of innovative products for four types of technologies.

  • Assembling with adhesive products or metal fasteners;
  • Sealing joints or structures with sealing products or membrane systems;
  • Insulation against noise, rain, cold and heat with polyurethane foams and roof membranes.
  • Protection of surfaces against abrasion, scratches, weathering, aging and material esthetical improvement with protective coatings for concrete, wood, metals and certain plastics.

Adfast products are available in Canada and in the United States of America, and are distributed all around North America. Our plant is located in Montreal, Canada.

Our main objective is to become the world’s most important supplier of assembling, insulation, caulking and surface protection products. Our innovative products have offer solutions to our clients since 1978.

Mission and Values

Adfast’s mission is to develop and distribute high-tech solutions for assembling, insulation, adhesive and protection. Our products are environmentally friendly and sustainable. We care about the environment, and we offer products that will give a second life to aging material. And we develop products that will give them a third life.

Our commitment:

  • Identify and go beyond our client’s needs
  • Offer quality technical support and an innovative expertise
  • Provide high quality products

Family, innovation, responsibility and multiculturalism are core values that made our success.


In 1978, Claude Dandurand founded a company specialized in assembling solutions. While his expertise, at that moment, was mostly about fasteners, he soon understood the complementarity of adhesives and fasterners through his involvement in a company specialized in adhesives, owned by David Dan Wely. The two companies merged to become the Adfast Corporation, standing for ADhesive and FASTener.

Better known in the last years for brands like Adchem, Rivets Illimités, Dutab and Robots Machineries, Adfast unified all its products under a single name in 2009.